How to Select the Best Residential and Commercial Painting Service Provider

Residential painting refers to the interior painting of homes and commercial buildings. A residential painter is a commercial property developer/builder, a home painter or decorator and is described as a residential painter or decorator. The main function of residential painting is to enhance the look of a residential building and also to safeguard it against damage from water, bugs, moisture, mould and corrosion. Painting contractors are also called contractors or builders, because their role is to build and also repair residential buildings.

This is often carried out in the light of the requirement of finishing the building in time for a big event. Commercial property owners also employ residential painterto refurbish their commercial buildings to make them appealing for trade show visitors and to make the premise of the facility/shop attractive. For example, if you own a shopping mall, you may hire a professional commercial painter to complete the interior and exterior refurbishment of the mall. If the mall is a large scale business centre, then you may also hire experienced painters to complete the residential painting project of the mall. In both cases, the objective of the commercial painting project is to make the commercial property more user friendly and to attract sales to the property.

The painting of residential property differs from the Ulta Homeresidential painting in terms of the number of colours used and the complexity and detail required. While residential painting usually involves one or two colours, commercial painting projects may involve various shades and complex texture and finish work. The residential painting project may involve refurbishing existing commercial buildings to make them more attractive. At times, the process may include removing the signage and banners of the commercial property. They are also redone to get the exact look that is required in the commercial property. A commercial property owner can also hire the services of a professional residential painter to refurbish a part of his commercial building without incurring any cost on him.

In case of large commercial painting project, hiring a painting service is a good option as they provide skilled painters who are experienced and skilled in carrying out the job. These painting service providers use high quality paints that are safe for use on surfaces like metals, wood and marble. They have highly advanced techniques and tools that give them a competitive edge over other painting service providers. The paints are also water resistant and thus are very durable.

Before painting commercial premises, it is important to prepare the surface properly by removing all debris and loose items that might be present. It is important to remove all the loose paint from doors, windows and gutters before beginning the residential painting project. This ensures that there is no build up of paint on the walls and that there is enough paint to apply on the surfaces. Commercial painters use special water based paints that dry very quickly and provide the desired finish on the surfaces. See post at to learn more.

Once the surface is ready, the residential painter goes about applying the paint with the brush or roller. Once the work is done, the painter returns back to the office to put up notices about the work he has done. Thus, residential painter provides excellent services by providing customized painting solutions at affordable prices. There is no difference in the quality of paint used, as that is what makes the difference between an excellent painter. Thus, it is advisable to contact the painter before beginning your painting project to know about his experience, skills and tools. Once you have selected the painter, start painting your commercial or residential property and experience the difference.

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